ABI 50A: The scientific method in animal biology

Taught every year in fall quarter, and virtually in spring 2021.


ENT 111: Chemical Ecology

Taught in alternate years (Winter 2020, 2022)


ENT 10: Natural history of insects

(co-instructor with N. Williams), taught in alternate years (most recently Fall 2020)

Check out our 2020 YouTube Channel with student-produced infomercials on insect-related topics


Examples of scientific advances to use in teaching

Historical scientific contributions in entomology, plant science, or chemical ecology by historically excluded folks in science. Please email me with more! (work in progress)

  • Eckelbarger, M., Rice, S. L., Osano, A., Peng, J., Ullah, H., & Rhee, S. Y. (2021). Recognizing pioneering Black plant scientists in our schools and society. Trends in Plant Science. LINK
  • LoPresti, Eric F., and Marjorie G. Weber. “Breaking barriers in evolutionary biology: a pioneering woman in science and her early theory of plant chemical macroevolution.” The American Naturalist 188.2 (2016): ii-iv. LINK
  • Giurfa, M., & de Brito Sanchez, M. G. (2020). Black Lives Matter: Revisiting Charles Henry Turner’s experiments on honey bee color vision. Current Biology, 30(20), R1235-R1239. LINK
  • Searchable database hosted at: https://projectbiodiversify.org/