Landscaping for pollinators

You can support pollinator health by planting flowering plants that produce nectar, pollen or other resources that support birds, bees and other pollinators. Planting pollinator-friendly plants around your home, office, or other available land can boost resources for beneficial insects and increase pollinator populations.

Check out our collaboration with CCUH on how irrigation affects flowering plants in landscaping:

Where to buy plants:

If you’re living in the greater Sacramento area:

UC Davis Arboretum plant sales or native plant nurseries.

Miridae, a local landscaping + plant retail operation started by a former UC Davis alum!

Which plant species support pollinators?

Here are some of our favorites that are native to California:

Epilobium canum is a drought-tolerant, fire-resistant landscaping choice that also attracts hummingbirds. In collaboration with David Fujino, Haven Kiers and Louie Yang, we are working on a Pollinator Study Garden to showcase the intersection between landscape design and experimental science that includes four cultivars of Epilobium canum. This page highlights some of our current research in these study plots. We plan to use the plots for research, teaching and outreach in the future.

More species coming soon!



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