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The Vannette lab is excited to welcome new members when we are able. Please see the relevant section for prospective lab members below:

Undergraduates: Research in the Vannette lab uses many approaches to study microbial-mediated interactions between plants and insects. Depending on the project, work may include insect collection or behavioral assays, microbial culture work and genetic characterization, chemical analyses of plant and microbial traits, and field trials and experiments. Motivated students are encouraged to contact Dr. Vannette. When you do so, please include your resume, highlighting relevant coursework and experience, and your particular interests.

Ph.D. Students:

***Sorry, the Vannette lab is not accepting applications for either MS or PhD students in fall 2024***

Students can apply to the Vannette lab through the Entomology Graduate Group, Microbiology Graduate Group or the Graduate Group in Ecology. Before applying, please contact Dr. Vannette with your interests and possible research ideas. In order to help direct you to the relevant program to apply, please include the following in an email:

• A statement detailing why you want to attend graduate school and why you have selected my lab for your research
• The names and institutions of the people you will ask for letters of recommendation
• Your GPA
• A list of relevant courses
• Your CV or resume

Postdocs:  Please email me if you are interested in doing a postdoc in the lab. Although we have no currently advertised positions, if you have project ideas that complement current lab interests, I am happy to explore funding opportunities. When writing, please include your CV and links to some example publications, and a brief description of the project you are interested in pursuing.

Funding opportunities:

USDA AFRI Postdoctoral Fellowship

NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

UC MEXUS-CONACYT Postdoc fellowship

Link to some other potential sources of postdoctoral funding



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