2019 Insect ecology favorite papers of the year

Guiguet, A., Hamatani, A., Amano, T., Takeda, S., Lopez-Vaamonde, C., Giron, D., & Ohshima, I. (2018). Inside the horn of plenty: Leaf-mining micromoth manipulates its host plant to obtain unending food provisioning. PloS one, 13(12), e0209485.

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Abram, P. K., Brodeur, J., Urbaneja, A., & Tena, A. (2019). Nonreproductive effects of insect parasitoids on their hosts. Annual review of entomology, 64, 259-276.

Willig, M.R., Woolbright, L., Presley, S.J., Schowalter, T.D., Waide, R.B., Scalley, T.H., Zimmerman, J.K., González, G. and Lugo, A.E., 2019. Populations are not declining and food webs are not collapsing at the Luquillo Experimental Forest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(25), pp.12143-12144.   ***and other articles in response to Lister et al 2018***

Vindstad, O. P. L., Jepsen, J. U., Yoccoz, N. G., Bjørnstad, O. N., Mesquita, M. D. S., & Ims, R. A. (2019). Spatial synchrony in sub‐arctic geometrid moth outbreaks reflects dispersal in larval and adult life cycle stages. Journal of Animal Ecology.

Schaffner, L. R., Govaert, L., De Meester, L., Ellner, S. P., Fairchild, E., Miner, B. E., … & Hairston, N. G. (2019). Consumer-resource dynamics is an eco-evolutionary process in a natural plankton community. Nature ecology & evolution, 3(9), 1351-1358.

Dornelas, M., Gotelli, N. J., Shimadzu, H., Moyes, F., Magurran, A. E., & McGill, B. J. (2019). A balance of winners and losers in the Anthropocene. Ecology letters, 22(5), 847-854.

Boachon, B., Lynch, J.H., Ray, S., Yuan, J., Caldo, K.M.P., Junker, R.R., Kessler, S.A., Morgan, J.A. and Dudareva, N., 2019. Natural fumigation as a mechanism for volatile transport between flower organs. Nature chemical biology, 15(6), p.583.

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de Roode, J. C., & Hunter, M. D. (2018). Self-medication in insects: when altered behaviors of infected insects are a defense instead of a parasite manipulation. Current opinion in insect science.

Matsumura, Y., Beutel, R. G., Rafael, J. A., Yao, I., Câmara, J. T., Lima, S. P., & Yoshizawa, K. (2019). The evolution of Zoraptera. Systematic Entomology.

Shelomi, M. (2019). Entomoludology: Arthropods in Video Games. American Entomologist, 65(2), 97-106.

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